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There's so many different dirty little things out in the world that could dry any man made.
Some are into feet, ass, tits, spankings, sucking cock, humiliation, small penis humiliation.
So much more is out there. And guess what I do it all! I love to get frisky with a hot guy.
Or sometimes even a hot girls that knows what they want and how to get it. Fetishes are fun.
Big, medium or small I like them all! So lets have some fun soon, huh, and lets make the
phone lines explode!

Fetish Queen Sherry

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Fucking Some Big Black Cock Phone Sex

I was home alone for the weekend. My husband was out of town doing a camping trip with the boys. And I was going to have the place to myself. So I did what I always did. I grabbed the cordless and headed to the closet to pick out my clothes, as I told my best friend to grab a bag and come stay with me for the weekend. There was this night club, that catered to women every Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Women get in free! As we showered, shaved and shit. Got dressed and hit my car, a 2007 Bentley. I told her I was looking to get some dick to spend the whole weekend with. Since my husband has the kids and I wouldn’t see anyone until Monday! Her being single, with no ties. She was all for it. All through out the night we drank getting turned up and dancing with one man after another, throwing ass and being bad! At the end of the night as we decided out search was a bust and decided to just brag some drinks and food and watch porn, play with toys and eat each other out until we cum and try again tomorrow night.

When this fine sexy brother walked up to me, grinding his meat against my ass. He whispered in my ear as I felt his dick rise, you look like a bag of money, and I want to fuck. I whispered back to the strangers whom face I hadn’t even seen. Well the husbands away and this wet little kitty was ready to play! He nodded. I told him my friend needed someone, too. He just smiled and said he’d handle it, they would follow us home. I agreed. We left and I told her I had the hook up this fine brother was bringing  a friend. So we hit the market for some drinks that would last all weekend, and then headed to my house. As we arrived a Jeep Cherokee followed us in. We went in as they stayed in the car. Cutting on some music and getting the drinks on ice we waited there, was a doorbell and we invited them to come in. Before we knew it, three big muscle suit wearing black men came in the living room.

Looking to my friend, she said in a hushed tone. Oh my, its three of them, they sat down between us, and the man from before, rubbed my thigh. He has these big hot hands and dark chocolate eyes beaming from his caramel skin. I became wet between my thighs. To break the ice I had him pop the bubbly and grabbed some glasses, handing them out until we were the last. We drink our drinks and talked. Then he kisses me, rubbed my ass and started kissing my neck, them pulling down my dress and sucking my tits. Hearing a moan, I noticed my friend laying back in the arms of one back man holding and molding her tits in his hands. While her legs were spread and the other friend was sucking on her pussy through the panties. I was next. Laying back on my elbows, I watched Mr. Smooth pull aside my panties and suck on my clit like my husband never did. Sucking and licking and pulling with his teeth, his long fingers working the walls of my cunt, was exploding all over his face.

Then he stood up and stripped. The more he took off, the more he looked like a Greek black god to me! When he revealed his 12 inch cock, I was broken from my trance. I’d only seen big black cocks like this in porn flicks. As I licked it from tip to base, I squeezed and sucked his balls as he rubbed the back of my neck and head. And I sucked his head and swallowed half his cock into my mouth. Slurping and sucking, I enjoyed my meal, as gush and gush after gush of the sweetest dick pre cum, slipped out onto my tongue. He told me to hold my breath. Obeying because I was horny he slipped all six of the remaining inches down my throat. Fucking my face long and hard my gag reflex left and I enjoyed his king size dick like a sneakers.

As I licked and slurped my meal, my friend screamed out. I peeked over and watcher her on her knees sucking a big black cock like the one in my mouth while the third a like cock slipped deep into her pussy! He was fucking her slow until she had taken it all, then he fucked her long and hard, making her take the cock like jabs to the jaw of a boxer. Then one in my mouth trembled and pulled his cock out of my mouth to shoot load after load on my face, chin and tits. I saw even after that he was hard. Shocked, I looked at him and he just smiled. Turning me around he tapped my pussy and said all this big black dick us going there. True to his word, my pussy stretched as he slipped what felt like a glass dick slowly into my cunt. Making it open wider and wider!

Once his cock touched the bottom of my cunt he held my shoulders and began to fuck me. Over and over, as I cum like a shower, leaking down my thighs pooling at my knee caps on the leather couch, moaning in bliss, I noticed my friend was now riding a fat cock as another was plowing her ass hole. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d get my turn. Grabbing my neck as he came in my pussy. My friend told me in my ear as he snaked that dick up my ass, you’ll feel that cock and more in all three of your holes this weekend ma! With that he fucked my ass good along with all of the three triple delight me and Christy enjoyed all weekend! All I know if I really enjoyed being fucked by big black cock!

Housewife Sherry

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