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I NEED to Watch You Phone Sex

Watching you on Cam is my thing, very addicting. I take great pleasure in watching your every move, seeing your hand sliding up and down your big hard cock while i’m describing how it feels in my hot wet mouth or between my big firm tits.
Or the alternative, watching and making sure you’re using that dildo up your boy pussy like you were told. Wearing the pink panties and rubbing your clitty through the silky fabric as instructed.
Watching you on cam is my thing, If playing on cam is yours then give me a call and let’s play!

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Naughty Housewife Cum Junkie Sherry

I’m a hot married whore that loves cheating on my cuckold husband. I’m at my sexual peek and all i think about is getting cock. And it sure as fuck isn’t his!! All he is good for is maybe licking up my gooey cream pie. Or paying for the seek fuck spot I pick.

I’m a naughty whore that loves BIG COCKS! Most of you know that already lol. You would not believe how dripping wet my tight cunt gets when you shove your cock in my mouth and deep throat me. I love to lay down on my bed and have hot phone sex and share our dirty secrets together. Call me now, I am a little cum junkie just waiting for a big load mmmm.

Best part is getting your huge load of cum in my hungry mouth. I truly have a cum fetish. So if you want to have some hot phone sex with a hot cum slut that is up for anything all you have to do is call me. My mouth is open.

I have no limits, we can talk about anything! Cuckold, Cream Pies, Cheating Wife, Role Plays, BBC, Oral, Anal, Little dicks I need a laugh today haha.

Married Kinky Cum Whore Sherry 
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Serve and Worship Your Mistress Phone Sex

Serve and Worship your Mistress Phone Sex with none other than Me, Mistress Sherry. Let’s slip you out of the clothing you walked in here with on your body. “Man” clothes will simply not do! That’s why you will wear what I hand you, whether it be a skirt or dress, you will wear it and say THANK YOU.

That isn’t where I stop, either. You will be given instructions on how to serve and worship Me. As you are dolled up, some of my “friends” will come over. They’re looking for a good time with you, sissy! So you’re going to do as I say and get on your knees. I love to whore wannabe sissy sluts like you out. You can make your Mistress so much cash using your holes.

You will work that cock to get that cream. That is ALL you deserve! I take the cash and you get paid in jizz. Now doesn’t that sound good? Haha, don’t take My question so seriously. We all know that you will have to obey, slut.

Serve and Worship Me by being a cum dumpster. I like the sound of that. It is something you will get used to, no doubt.

Mistress Sherry

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Panty boy phone sex

Panty boy phone sex isn’t enough for you, huh? I can see why because you have been going through my panty drawer again! My panties are snug on you. I guess the boner in them doesn’t help! Oh my god you really do want to be a panty boy like seriously. You know what? Keep the panties. They’re soiled now anyway with your clit-stick in them. But what you can do for me is finally face the fact that you are a panty boy. Like really you have gone through my panty drawer I don’t know how many times, don’t lie. lol It turns you on quite a bit, ya know, wearing my thongs, panties, lingerie.. You know this was bound to happen. So you’re going to dress up for me! Not just the panties, but I have outfits for you to try on. Oh, I guess that makes your clitty twitch! lol See, you really want to be a sissy panty boy! I’m only trying to help after all, hehehe. The help is much needed, no one else is going to dress you up anyway. It would be kinda bad if anyone found out about this, huh? So you will wear outfits and panties a lot more often when you’re around me if you want to keep this hush hush. lol!

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Sissy boy phone sex

Sissy boy phone sex is so exciting and a huge turn on for me. I love dressing up a sexy little sissy and making him all sensual and beautiful. If it makes that little sissy’s clit hard by standing and looking at themselves in the mirror, then I know I am doing something right.

Beautiful little panties and a garter belt, damn baby you’re sexy as hell. I love having a good little sissy call so we can play as she tells me just how sexy her panties make her feel. That is when she asks for advice on how much sexier I can help her become and even give her more confidence.

I love the little closet sissies. They are a real turn on to me. They are the ones that need the most help and someone to talk about their panty fetish and collection they hid from their wives/girlfriends and the rest of their family. The ones that I love to make wear panties under their construction jeans or business suit the next day to work, so they can feel sexy all day long.

You know which ones they are, the ones that are married and sneak inside of their wives pantie drawer and slip a pair on from time to time and just love the way they feel rubbing on their cock. But we don’t call it a cock do we? When talking to Mistress Sherry it is your little clitty you sexy little sissy.

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Sissy phone sex in her words

My sissy craves sissy phone sex with me but right now she needs a good dose of humiliation instead so she sent me the story of the first time she gave in to her faggot temptations.

It was late at night. I was on campus and went into a building with a large well lit men’s room. I wasn’t paying attention and a man followed me in and forced himself into the end stall with me. He shoved poppers under my nose and I took a large inhale. Next thing I know he has stripped me and dressed me in a light blue baby doll nightie. He was groping and spanking me and showing me shemale pics. Eventually I was on my knees outside the stall sucking his cock hungrily. I didn’t notice the two other men that had come in but I ended up getting fucked by and sucking them all off at least twice. All the time the first guy kept the poppers under my nose. I loved it all. After they had all cum several times, I was left there in the nightie knowing I would crave more. The first guy knew this too and over the next year I was his slut-slave that he would dress and show off at night at other restrooms on campus. Each time I was made to suck off or be fucked by anyone that entered. I was his bitch and he knew it. I craved sex, hot nasty dirty sex and even to this day love public sex in restrooms, gay spas, rest stops, adult bookstores, XXX theaters and glory holes. I need it. Eventually I ended up at his place handcuffed spanked fucked and filled with cum  he took pics but I never saw them. Now I serve Mistress Sherry because I need a superior woman to keep me in line, I’d do anything for her!

I am a submissive pain slut cum craving sissy fag.
This is a true story it happened and I’d love to do it all again!

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Sissy Boy Phone Sex

As you all already know I love sissy boy phone sex. What turns me on even more is when I have a sissy call me or come visit me and they’re wearing pumps. I love when I can make a man into a woman.

Even better when I get them to buy their first set of heels and they’re able to wear them gracefully, delicately, and show their sexy. With today being Friday I like to call today Fuck my pumps Friday.

There’s something about dressing up a sweet little sissy who is in pumps. Putting on my strap on and fucking her delicate little pussy, that really turns me on.

I like to fuck it really hard making her scream and yell and cum in her own hand and mine, so that she can taste every last drop of herself when she is finished. Getting her feeling satisfied. Good little sissies do as I say and eat all their cum, dress in pumps, and let me fuck them with my strap on deep in their little pussies.

Are you a good little sissy or a naughty little sissy?

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