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Sissy Phone Sex

Your a sissy! There someone knows your secret. You walk around with pants and a tie on every day. You hang out with the boys. And you even jerk off daily to play boy magazines. But deep down you know that somethings wrong. You know that you are a sissy. You want to have those boobs not kiss them. You want to wear those panties not get to the pussy beneath them. You want to suck the guys cocks not hang out with them and drink beer talking shit out the game. And I know it. Now I am going to expose it. Call me now for sissy training phone sex!

Have your panties and toys ready for me!

Mistress Sherry
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Call MILF Sherry for big titty phone sex

Have I got a big set of knockers for you. Right up your alley if you are a big titty phone sex afficianado. I have often been told that my all natural big boobs are just the right size. Nice and firm and big to be worked over and manhandled. I love to have them licked kissed sucked nibbled pinched pulled and then fucked. It just makes my pussy so wet. It is like an involuntary reflex when you go at my tits with abandon.

I also do great titty fuck blow job phone sex. When you get my jugs all nice and slippery from your oral attentions and add a few squirts of lube to my cleavage you can wrap them around your big hard throbbing cock and fuck them to your hearts content. Thrusting the head of your dick into my hot wet mouth each time you do and then squirting your thick creamy cum all over my face and tits. And then use your cock head to scoop it all up and feed it to me. I won’t waste a drop.

My phone fuck friends tell me there is no one more capable of orally servicing a big hard dick then a MILF phone sex cock slut like me. Makes sense because while I have always sucked cock great, I have gotten even better and better at it over time. I think you can tell when someone really gets into sucking dicks and eating cum because they are usually better at it when they enjoy it as much as I do. You can listen as I deep throat my favorite lifelike big fat dildo for you.

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Debauchery Phone Sex

Here is the place where you get to sit back, relax and embrace the erotic. With me, you can give in to your innermost desires, kinks, fetishes and fantasies. I am a Libertine with a wicked imagination born of mischief, perversion and a lust for experiencing all that life has to offer. I live my days filled with passion and shamelessly express sexuality in all of its delightful flavors, colors and dimensions. Life is way too short to not experience pleasure and express all parts of ourselves, no matter how dark and dirty some of those parts may seem to be.

The freedom of what I offer you entices you. You will find yourself wanting more and more; and it just so happens that more is my forte. Yes, I can be a greedy Mistress as I love glamour, decadence and debauchery. My mood during a session can range from sensually erotic, to perversely playful, to channeling my sadistic Succubus side and pushing you farther and deeper into a world where the only thing that matters is you giving in to your most base, primal instincts. I only ask that you be perfectly clear in expressing what it is you wish to explore when you call me so I can create a fulfilling session to suit both of our needs. Within the chemistry of our scene together, we will find a connection.

You also should know I have been practicing in the BDSM lifestyle for close to ten years. I genuinely enjoy all that BDSM and kink has to offer; I do what I do out of love. I am educated, with a background and professional experience in counseling as well. I welcome you to call whether you have a kinky itch to scratch, desire to partake in a fun, creative role play scenario, or simply to enjoy speaking with an alluring woman who has an innate understanding about the psychology of sexuality. I am an excellent conversationalist with a wicked, twisted sense of humor to boot. Should you wish to submit to me within a D/s context, I will elevate you with my dominance and you will relish our time together.

Regardless of what you seek to explore with me, you will leave our session knowing the JOY that comes with accepting your kinks, needs and desires.

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I had the most fun ever with hours and hours of forced intoxication phone sex with a man who is in way over his head with me.
He says he’s never had anyone who could instinctively get into his head and his intoxication fetish like I can, and he’s not wrong.
Twenty years of sobriety down the drain, all for me!
I let him know from our very first interaction, that he is such a loser he not only has to pay for a girl’s attention, he has to amuse me, as well.
He loves my huge tits, and if he wants to see more pics of them, he has to be very generous, and show that he knows his place.
The more he sees my big tits, the more he gets hard, and as any good girl knows, hard cock means equals open wallet!
And the whole time I am taunting and teasing and fucking with him, I am making him drink more and more!
Gotta love a slurred “I love you, drain my wallet” type of guy!
Your welcome, my alcoholic fuck up, can’t wait to ruin you again soon!

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