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Getting Fucked Up The Ass By My Husbands Best friend By Housewife Sherry

It all started when I was just turning twenty five. My husband and I had been married for 8 years with our three sons at the time. The sex had become very lacking. I mean, I am a sexaholic and he used to be as well. He would fuck me at least 5 times a day. Everyday. He would make love to me in the morning before going to work. Then I would get cock when he came home in the afternoon for a hot quick blowjob before he fucked me over the kitchen table and grabbed lunch on the way back to the office. Then he would come home horny. While he checked the stock market and told me about his day I would suck his cock. He would come in and fuck my asshole while I'm cooking dinner and the kids are gone.

And we'd always do something kinky a couple times a week, I'd dress up, use some new toys I purchased to surprise him with. Or we'd pretend we were strangers. Sex! Sex! Sex! Is what I would get. But by this time I was lucky to get any cock three times a week. Once on Sunday. I was starving. Sure, he'd watch me play with myself or listen to all the fun I was having in the bathroom. But no cock he would give me. One day, after three months of this, his best-friend Jake lost his job, his high priced wife and even his house. Jake had to move in with us until he could get back on his feet. I lived down stairs in the basement apartment. We all had dinner together.

Watched TV in the home theater, and even went out together. We were like three peas in a pod. Then one day I went to the basement to work out on the treadmill and I found Jake lifting my husbands weights. He was pumping iron like his muscles was eating it. As I started the speed and time on the machine and started my run with Jazz music in my ears. He stared at me and I stared back. Eyes connected we were, as I ran my heart and sexual frustrations out and he lifted the iron, looking like he's working a woman up and down on his hard curved pole. As I was finishing and my machine beeped so did my clit, the whole time I was moving, the music, the sound of his grunts, the sweat dripping down his body and all the pent up sexual needs began to flood and I felt my self about to cum. Stepping off and heading to the sauna to relax tense muscles.

Not long after he followed. I was hoping he'd go for the shower. So I could take off the shorts and play with my pussy against the hot surface. As he sat away from on the other side. Bottle of water in hand and slurped down his relief, I saw the water drip down his chin and all over his firm body and became jealous of the bottle. Knowing I was in danger, I stood up and headed to the door. Instead he grasped my arm. Looking at him. I moaned as his head descended and kissed me. Horny and out of control, I let him feast on my lips. He ripped my shirt and sorts bra and started in on my nipples and I knew I was gone. My tits are my sweet spot. No Turning back now.

Wrapping my legs around his I rocked back and forth on his hard thighs and rock hard cock. As I felt how meaty he was. I pushed him back and climbed down on my knees. Ripping down the shorts I saw 12 inches of hundred percent beef. As I kissed his, sucked it and worked it from tip the shaft, I opened my mouth and ate it. Swallowing him down my throat was a task, but slowly but surely I got it to go back and forth deep inside my throat. Looking in his eyes, sweat dripped down my naked body, I wasn't sure if it was from sweat of the heated sauna or if it was my desire to be fucked. He lifted my head off his thick cock with a pop and kissed me, then rose and lifted me against the wall.

 Slipping my pussy down his shaft, he stretched me wild open. As I was pumped up and down I sucked his sweat salty neck and slipped my tongue into his mouth, in minute one orgasm after another flooded from my tight little cunt. As I reached and peaked the last one, he groaned loud and long as he shot load, after load deep inside me. I was overwhelmed I passed out. Part Two will becoming soon!

Housewife Sherry

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