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Where are you? I'm ready to suckle the head of your big swollen cock! I want to deep throat your meat and have your skull fuck my face. Licking your balls give me pleasure because I know my favorite creamy dessert will come shooting out. I want to lick around and around your sack until you shoot hot cum all over my face. Are you ready for some nasty oral fulfillment? Blowjob Phone Sex !


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Human Phone Sex Toy


Look at you. You never thought that when you had your drink that it would have a different taste to it. That’s what I call cause and effect.  Now you are so miniature and helpless,  only seven inches tall!  You fit nice between my soft warm tits.  I can only imagine the look on your face as you gasp and turn red while I giggle with delight.  There isn’t much you can do if I decide I want to crush you underneath my powerful feet.  Or perhaps you’ll take the place of my dildo and feel my tight sweet walls as I pump you deeper and deeper until my juices wash over you.

But, maybe I’m hungry and you look like a tasty morsel as I dangle you above my mouth ready to devour my meal…

Giantess Queen Sherry

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